DonkeyburgerA recall of donkey meat products was issued by the Wal-Mart super stores’ branch in China after the discovery of fox DNA in some of those products. Donkey meat is a delicacy in some regions of China. Fox meat on the other hand is not a delicacy, though it is cheaper. In China, foxes are mainly reared for the purpose of providing fur. Following the recall, an investigation was done. One person from the factory that supplies the meat products has been detained as a fraud suspect. This is according to a report presented by news reports.

In the past, China has been surrounded by a several food controversies. This includes a scandal in the year 2008 that involved infant formula and milk that had been contaminated with melamine. About three hundred thousand people became ill after consuming the contaminated milk products. Approximately fifty-four thousand babies were hospitalized for drinking contaminated infant formula. Another issue with Wal-Mart stores in China is with respect to quality. Such stores have severally been accused of supplying products of low quality in terms of food safety. Some of the products that have been alleged to have questionable safety quality include raw meat that is served using bare hands. A set of ribs have also been found displayed in open air. Live turtles and frogs have also been reported.

From the above information, it is clear that food safety is an issue that needs to be taken into consideration by grocery and food stores. It is an issue that not only affects the consumers, but also the specific food stores. Cases of food recalls have been on the rise because of negligence or failure to adhere to good hygienic practices.