Drake Meat Processors is a Canadian meat processing company engaged in processing pork, bison, and beef products, as well as in marketing these products via different food retail chains. The company is headquartered in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Drake Meats was founded in 1949 as a co-operative locker business. Nine years later, in 1958, Norman Ediger was assigned General Manager and given the option to buy shares.

In 1962, Ediger exercised his option and bought company shares. He continued to manage the business until 1980, when he sold the business to his son Kelly. The company was struck with misfortune when a fire destroyed the business a year later. Kelly Ediger faced the situation of whether to rebuild the company or not. Having decided to rebuild the company, construction on a new steel-structured building was begun.

In the early 1980s, Drake Meats focused on custom processing of beef and pork that came from farms. During those times, the company was also slowly creating several sausage recipes that eventually became popular. When Kelly Ediger noticed that there was a decline in the trend for custom processing, he decided to market the company’s products via neighboring groceries. After some time, the demand for Drake Meats’ products grew, enough to sustain the company and expand its operations to developing more products. Throughout its expansion and development, the company never forgot its commitment to provide consumers with meat products that are premium quality.

In 1986, the company began focusing on becoming a supplier for the entire Saskatchewan region.  As a result, the number of employees grew from eight to more than 70 people. Currently, Drake Meats’ products are supplied all throughout the western part of Canada and sold under the label Homestead Cabin. The company’s products now include sausage recipes, fresh-packed sandwiches, fresh sausages, beef jerky, smoked hams, burger meats (beef, pork, bison) and marinated kebabs. Today, Drake Meats makes more than 200 varieties of meat products. Among the company’s customers are giant retail chains like Superstore, Co-op, Sobey’s, Calgary Co-op and IGA.

Headquarters: Drake, Saskatchewan
Ownership Type: Private
Employees: Over 70
Geography:Western Canada
Demography: Foodservice operators, retail food companies, grocery store chains

Drake Meat Processors, HomesteadCabin,  Homestead

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