On November 23, retail grocery chain Giant Eagle Incorporated announced a voluntary withdrawal of certain products from the market. The involved product, canned pumpkin, is being recalled because of sub-standard quality.

The affected canned pumpkin is sold under different brands: the Valu Time brand and Food Club brand. The affected Valu Time canned pumpkin was sold beginning August 30, while the affected Food Club canned pumpkin was sold beginning October 28. Both of these brands were made by Topco Associates, LLC. Giant Eagle has found that the affected products did not meet standards of quality that could have an effect on consumer safety.

To date, there have been no reports about any medical emergencies happening because of the affected product. The recall was made by the company out of an abundance of caution, and prevents any consumer from possibly experiencing a medical emergency because of the product.

Giant Eagle, with the cooperation of  Topco Associates, is currently investigating the cause of the problem and has informed the public that it will be posting any update regarding the investigation. The company has also promised to inform consumers of any additional actions that might have to be taken as a result of the investigation. Consumers are advised not to use the product, and should instead return it to the store where it was purchased, or to dispose of it. Giant Eagle customers who return the recalled product to the store will receive a refund or can choose to receive a replacement product or a complimentary pie.