healthyfoodYou can live right and eat foods that are nutritious to your body and not break the bank while at it. There are nutritious foods that one can purchase for the family and with a little creative cooking it will leave your family healthier and probably asking for more. Fill your grocery cart with these healthy and versatile choices.

Whole Grain Rice

Rice is cheap and can be stocked up for long periods of time. Whole grain rice and other exotic types of rice are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. Whole grain food is better for your health as it reduces risk of high blood pressure and Type-II diabetes. Rice is flexible and is delicious with many stews and meats.

Whole Grain Pasta

These come with a whole lot of fiber and some brands have other nutrients added into them. Pasta packs will be labeled ‘whole’ on them. Whole grains can actually help boost recall capacity.


Fish has numerous benefits and they contain vitamin B2 and D, zinc (particularly good for the memory), and phosphorous. The oily species such as salmon, mackerel and fresh tuna contain omega-3 fatty acids. From keeping your skin and heart healthy they also feed your brain.


Generally, legumes can be found cheap and contain protein, potassium and iron that are beneficial to your health. Can be blended with other ingredients to make dips for veggies or just eaten plain with the whole grain rice. Beans have been known to be a very good source of protein, which is good for growth.


These are great snacks, especially for children. Bananas come cheap and can be had alone or in smoothies and cereal. Fruits are vitamins are nutrient packed and are key disease preventers.

Greens and tea are also good healthy food choices.