These days, food safety has become a general concern of the public. Despite the health hazards that consumers are putting themselves in, it seems people have no time to investigate the contents of their foods. This was confirmed in a recent incident on a Delta Airlines plane. Travelers found a needle in their sandwich. This is a health hazard to the general public. Anyone would be tempted to think that this was the first time this happened. Unfortunately, this was not the first reported complaint of needles in food. Was this incompetency or just pure ignorance? This has led to the belief that food prepared for sale is not fit for human consumption. One has to prepare all meals personally.

What has caused the complete lack of consideration in preparation and presentation of food? Is it that nobody cares what happens to the end user as long as they make money? Making money is vital, although one must not be oblivious to the sensitivity of food care. The news of needles in sandwiches, antibiotic traces in meat products or even the amount of hazardous content in most foods has left a lot to be desired in terms of food safety. Soon people will find it hard to trust what they are purchasing.

Fortunately, the Food Safety Department has put up policies to ensure that food that is distributed is safe for human consumption. Although these policies are slowly being implemented, they may not have come at a better time. It is essential that these policies aim to rebuild any trust that was lost between food distributors and consumers. Stories of needles in sandwiches will soon be a thing of the past.