fda-usThe food handling system in the United States is managed by local, federal and state officials. They are to make sure that the process is organized and well regulated according to the expected standards of delivery and that food related diseases are prevented. Food poisoning outbreaks in the United States are investigated by these officials.

The distribution of food by industries, restaurants, food stores and even institutionalized food providers is controlled by the Food and Drug Administration. There are food safety rules that govern the process involved in cases of inconsistencies from the food regulatory policies.

The United States Department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration are responsible for the inspection of poultry, meat and even egg products to make sure that they are safe before delivery. Almost all other food types handled by the food industries are similarly inspected as a precautionary measure to prevent unexpected mass food poisoning cases.

However, there have been cases of jeopardy in the service delivery by the United States food regulators. Often, there have been questions raised on the efficiency of the food safety practices. Food safety investigators have complained of not getting vital information from officials, which compromises the health of the general public. There needs to be a constant flow of information, especially when critical scientific researches on food safety are being conducted.

The average consumer in the country needs confidence in the service delivery capability of their health officials and hence the several federal inspections whereby outbreaks are investigated by the different health departments in the country. Food processing is also monitored closely in the country. In general, the management of the food safety program in the country can be adopted in developing countries.