Surprisingly, it is not only water or ice cream that can provide the body with some cooling during summer or hot periods. Although ice cream and other frozen products provide the body with some cooling, this effect is only for a very short time and do not contribute to hydrating the body. These types of food only provide the body with about fifteen to twenty minutes of cooling. Afterwards the body’s temperature will increase again. There are types of foods that are even better than ice cream when it comes to cooling the body’s temperature. These foods cool the body by providing it with essential fluids or by causing it to sweat.


Vegetables that have a high water content are great foods to eat, especially during summer, as these help a lot in hydrating the body during hot seasons. Being hydrated is important in cooling the body because sweating will be hard if the body is dehydrated.


Mint cools the body by triggering the mouth’s cold-sensitive nerves. When eaten fresh, mint also aids in digestion.


Since fruits are naturally refreshing and sweet, they are an ideal alternative to frozen and preserved treats that are high in sugar content. Choose fruits that are juicy, as those have high water content. Examples of these types of fruits are watermelons, apples and melons.

Chili Peppers

The capsaicin in chili peppers triggers nerves in the body that make it sweat. Sweating helps the body regulate its temperature. This is probably why spicy foods are common in hot countries like Thailand.


Like chili peppers, there are chemical compounds in ginger that triggers the body to sweat. Horseradish and black pepper also have the same effect as ginger and chili peppers.


Chickpeas help the body achieve a low temperature because it is a source of protein that is easy to digest. Although meats are very good sources of protein, these are protein sources that require a lot of work in order to be digested fully. With the added heat of the summer, digesting meat in the stomach sometimes leads to a rise in the body’s temperature.

Chickpeas are also rich in fiber and vitamins. With this, not only will the body maintain its cool temperature, it is also being nourished because of the chickpeas.

Other foods that provide cooling to the body include seafood, hot chocolate, oysters and pickles. Root vegetables also help the body lower its temperature by having neutral heat-giving qualities.