Mullins Cheese Incorporated is a privately owned and managed company engaged in the production of cheeses and whey products. The company is headquartered in Wisconsin, USA.

The history of Mullins Cheese started in the 1970s, when Bernice and John Mullins bought two cheese-manufacturing facilities in Riplinger and Knowlton Wisconsin.  John Mullins came from a background of cheesemaking, having been exposed at an early age to his father’s cheese manufacturing business. John and Bernice’s cheese plants produced a total of 40,000 pounds of milk everyday from 160 farms.

Three years after the cheese facilities were bought, Mullins Cheese was now buying milk in bulk. In 1983, the company implemented its first automation process which involved cheese vats that had newer designs and style. Three years later, the two cheese manufacturing facilities were combined into one at the company’s Knowlton facility.

In 1988, the company installed a whey evaporator so that the company could process whey condensation. A year after, in 1989, automated pressing machines for cheese blocks, known as Blockformers, were installed in the Knowlton facility.

In 1993, Mullins Cheese installed a cheddaring machine in its facility in order to increase the company’s production of cheeses. In 2001, The company’s whey plant was expanded for the purpose of separating raw whey from valuable whey. To achieve this, the company added new and modern filtration equipment.

In 2003, Mullins Cheese bought a cheese facility located in Marshfield. Two years later, they started construction on a drying facility in order to process a whey by-product called whey permeate.

In 2010, the company’s Marshfield facility was remodeled in order to accommodate more demand for its products. The improved facility is now able to produce twice the amount of products that it was producing before. Currently, Mullins Cheese makes over four million pounds of milk everyday at its two manufacturing facilities. The company’s milk is supplied by more than 850 farms in different areas of Central Wisconsin.

Mullins Cheese now produces a wide variety of cheeses, such as cheddar cheese, Monterey jack, pepper jack and queso blanco. Fontina, mozzarella, Muenster, Gouda, and Edam are just some of the gourmet cheeses that the company produces. Aside from cheeses, the company also produces whey protein products.

Headquarters: Mosinee, Wisconsin
Ownership Type: Private
Employees: information not available
Geography: USA
Demography: retail cheeses, specialty cheese consumers

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