Fortinos is a Canadian chain of supermarkets operating primarily in Ontario. The supermarket chain is a subsidiary of the Loblaw Companies Ltd. and is headquartered in Brampton, Ontario.

The story of Fortinos started with its founder John Fortino. Fortino was an immigrant steelworker who, along with his siblings, wanted to work on realising his dreams. The first Fortinos store opened in 1961, and it was located in the center of Hamilton. The owners established the store with the purpose of providing consumers with fresh, good quality food at competitive prices. The founders of the store also placed importance on giving excellent customer service.

In 1972, Fortino and his seven associates decided to open a second Fortinos store in the area of Hamilton Mountain. This second store immediately became a success and customers who shopped at Fortinos loved the service that it gave and the products that it offered. In 1973, another Fortinos supermarket opened, this time on the area of Stoney Creek.

In the 1980’s, Fortinos experienced a blossoming, as it expanded its operations to Brampton and Burlington. In the same decade, Fortinos also opened a corporate headquarters, along with a warehouse complex. In 1988, the Loblaws Companies acquired the Fortinos chain and immediately started the chain’s further expansion.

In 1990, the Fortinos headquarters was relocated to Glover Road,Hamilton. In the same decade, Fortinos stores were opened in the areas of greater Toronto, North York, Woodbridge, Brampton and Markham. The Fortinos supermarket in Dundurn, Hamilton underwent some major renovations and new concepts were introduced to the supermarket, as well.

In 1996, Fortinos introduced its new generation of stores, which operated in the one-stop shop format. Stores that had this format were named “Fortinos Adventure” and became a standard for the supermarket chain’s continuing growth. The concept was a success because it offered consumers more convenience and fun.

Today, Fortinos has gained a reputation of being a “Supermarket with a Heart.” The store has also grown from being a tiny food retail store in 1961 to the big supermarket chain that it is now. A number of Fortinos supermarkets are owned by franchisees. These Fortinos supermarkets support the introduction of new products and services, which are directed at enhancing a customer’s shopping experience.

Headquarters: Brampton, Ontario
Ownership Type: A subsidiary of Loblaw Companies Ltd.
Employees: Information not available
Geography: Ontario, Canada
Demography: Retail products consumers


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