Fraser Valley Duck & Goose (FVDG) is a family owned farm that specializes in chicken, geese and duck farming. The farm and the business are headquartered in Fraser Valley, British Columbia.

Fraser Valley Duck & Goose became locally known in the 1970s and has since become well known as a landmark in the area of Fraser Valley.

The farm has become widely known as “the duck & goose,” primarily because of the ducks and geese that are raised on it. However, FVDG also raises squabs and specialty chickens due to demand for those products from the large Asian population living in the area. There are also many white-tablecloth restaurants in the Vancouver area that serve squab and specialty chicken.

In recent years, FVDG has started to expand its product offerings to include newer products like ready-to-eat duck sausages, ‘duckeroni,’ smoked-duck breast and many others. Its other, more popular products like duck patties and ground duck, remain favourites among local consumers and visitors passing through the area, as well.

Ever since the farm began, its owners have made a strong commitment to raise the birds in a healthy and clean environment. These birds are always fed with whole grain, clean drinking water is always accessible. They are housed in free-run barns, not in cages.

As for its commitment to its employees, FVDG makes sure that the work environment is fair and professional. As much as possible, FVDG makes it a point to offer stable and long-term jobs to its employees.

FVDG’s commitment to its customers is to offer unique meat products that are of premium quality, meat that families will be proud to serve not only to the family, but also to friends.

FVDG offers duck products such as farmer sausages, burger patties, ground duck, duck pepperoni and duck breasts (smoked Peking and smoked Muscovy). Fresh and frozen duck, geese and chicken are also available, as well as eggs and baluts. To complement the products that the farm offers, FVDG also has recipes on its website, perfectly suited for the farm’s premium quality meat.

Headquarters: Chilliwack, British Columbia
Ownership Type: Private
Employees: Information not available
Demography: Foodservice operators

Fraser Valley Duck & Goose

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