California-based company Thai Kitchen has recently launched its new product range to the market. The new products are actually different varieties of curry kits that will make consumers lives easier, especially when making authentic-tasting curry dishes.

For a number of people, making a curry dish from scratch can be messy, time-consuming and complicated. With Thai Kitchen’s curry kits, cooking curry dishes has become a whole lot easier. With this new range of products, consumers will now have meal kits that are foolproof and will make it easier for them to create a savory and authentic curry dish with less hassle and in less time.

With the new Thai Kitchen Curry Kit, everything that will be needed to prepare a curry dish has already been prepared, allowing at-home cooks to finish the dish in a minimum time of thirty minutes. Every kit has pre-measured amounts of the traditional ingredients that are needed to prepare an authentic curry dish. These ingredients include select-harvest jasmine rice, curry sauce that makes the dish flavorful and premium coconut milk that is a base ingredient for every curry dish. All you need to add are your own vegetables and protein and you will have a complete and delicious gluten-free meal.

According to Thai Kitchen’s marketing manager Luna Ravenna, a lot of people love Thai cuisine. However, these people are also sometimes intimidated by the thought of creating a curry dish from scratch. With this new product range from Thai Kitchen, it will now be possible for consumers to prepare a homemade curry dish any time of the day. These curry kits from Thai Kitchen are now available in retail stores for $5.99.