The local police of Dallas are currently running a child-friendly program for its residences.

The program, called Operation Chill, was formed with the cooperation of the local police and 7-Eleven, Incorporated. One million coupons for a free Slurpee® will be given away to kids by the local police. This will serve as a treat and also to help develop a good relationship between the local authorities and the young people of the community.

Because policemen in their uniforms can be a bit intimidating to children and to many teens, the community program will help soften the police’s image for these young people. With Operation Chill, police who catch kids doing good or exhibiting “good behavior” will have the opportunity to reward these kids with the Slurpee® coupons.

’Ticketing’ kids with a free Slurpee® has a great possibility to attract and inspire kids to always be in good behavior. Overall, this program benefits the community in a number of ways. The children will be inspired to do good, the police’s image will not be as intimidating as before and 7-Eleven also gets to promote their product through the Slurpee coupons.

Among the ‘offenses’ that merits a ‘ticket’ include extending help to another person, wearing a helmet while skateboarding or biking, actively participating in athletic leagues sponsored by the local police and helping to stop any crime from happening. This community program must have proved to be very effective, as 7-Eleven has been continuously supporting Operation Chill in most of its stores ever since it started in 1975.