Michael Foods, Incorporated is a major food processing company primarily focused on the production of refrigerated potato products and processed eggs. The company is headquartered in Minnesota, USA.

A large part of the growth and expansion of Michael Foods, Incorporated is attributed to the number of established companies that have joined the Michael Foods’ family over the years.

Crystal Farms, a company founded in 1926, joined Michael Foods in the year 1987. Currently, Crystal Farms leads in the distribution of cold, dairy-case products that are sold in more than 10,000 food retail establishments in 43 states. Crystal Farms’ products include eggs, butter, cheese, bagels, English muffins and margarine.

Northern Star®, a company founded in the year 1951, joined the Michael Foods family in 1987. Northern Star®’s focus is in the production of refrigerated potato products. These products are then distributed to consumer markets and foodservice operators.

MG Waldbaum, a company founded in the year 1950, joined the Michael Foods family in 1988. MG Waldbaum is a company known for introducing innovative product in the industry. Its processes gives Michael Foods’ extended shelf life products an advantage when it comes to quality, food safety and consistency.

Farm Fresh Foods®, another company engaged in the production of potato products (refrigerated), joined Michael Foods in 1989. The company’s most popular retail brands are Simply Potatoes® and Diners Choice®

One of the newer companies to join Michael Foods is Papetti’s®. This privately-owned company was founded way back in 1908. The company was engaged in the poultry business and joined Michael Foods in 1997.

In 1999, Michael Foods joined forces with two other egg producers to build an innovative manufacturing plant in Manitoba, Canada. The companies named this joint venture Trilogy Egg products. In the succeeding years after it was formed, Trilogy became a leading provider of processed eggs in the foodservice industry.

Abbotsford Farms™, a company founded in 1948, joined the Michael Foods family in 2008.With Abbotsford Farms’ network of growers and farmers, it is able to provide its customers with cage free and organic eggs.

In 2009, Michael Foods, Incorporated was able to acquire full ownership of the Trilogy brand through via the Canadian subsidiary of Michael Foods.

Currently, Michael Foods, Incorporated is considered as the largest processed egg supplier in the entire world. Aside from processed eggs, the company also produces potato products (refrigerated), as well as dairy-case products such as cheese, butter and dairy ingredients.

• Headquarters: Minnetonka, Minnesota
• Ownership Type: Private
• No. of Employees: 3,762 (as of 2009)
• Geography: USA and worldwide (for processed eggs)
• Demography: processed egg consumers and foodservice operators

Crystal Farms®, Better’n Eggs®, All Whites®, Simply Potatoes®

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