Frito-Lay PepsiCo has recently announced the launch of its new hot sauce-inspired flavors and varieties for its Frito-Lay brand. The Tapatio-inspired flavors will be incorporated in Frito-Lay’s Doritos Tortilla, Ruffles potato chips and Fritos corn chips.

These new products were developed with the partnership of PepsiCo and Tapatio, a company which has been renowned and patronized for its hot sauces. The new flavors will have a combined taste of garlic, spices, and red chili peppers, which are the main ingredients in the original best-selling Tapatio hot sauces. Doritos will have the signature taste of Tapatio’s hot sauce, a hint of citrus juice (lime) will be incorporated in the Ruffles Tapatio chip and an abundance of cheese will be added to Ruffles Tapatio chip.

PepsiCo has developed these new flavors in order to provide its customers with snack foods that have that a zesty kick that spicy hot sauces bring. With the popularity of hot sauces, PepsiCo is confident the new chip flavors will also be a hit in the market.

The Tapatio-inspired chips will be released in April in grocery stores in the central and western part of the United States.

The new Tapatio-flavored chips will be sold in retail stores for $0.99 (for small bags) and $2.99 (for large bags).  The chips will only be retailed at a few stores initially with plans to eventually reach different supermarkets all around the country. For more information about this new product launch, PepsiCo has also put the announcement on its website .