onionsStalled onion cargo has led to indeterminate dismissal of about one hundred and sixty employees at Cumberland’s Oxford Frozen Foods. This frozen foods company has been unable to receive onion shipment for a Western United States’ supplier. This means that there is little work for the employees who are involved in frozen onion ring processing. The Oxford Frozen Foods appetizer division’s General Manager, Corey Sigut said that the company is facing an extremely frustrating situation. He further added that the situation is tough for the whole organization, and particularly to employees. The company is popularly known for supplying a number of products including frozen blueberries. Products such as wild blueberries originate from Ontario, Oregon.

Fresh produce is basically transferred to Canadian National railcars in Illinois from Union Pacific Railroad cars. In the process of transfer, there is handing off of one railroad to another. In this case, the transfer has been disrupted and the two railroads are blaming each other. None of the cars are moving as required in the meantime. It is unclear on when the cars will move. Some cars have not moved for more than seven days. According to Sigut, the plant has inadequate raw materials for running the production line. Consequently, about 160 workers have been laid off. The Canadian National and Union Pacific Railroad officials said that none of the companies need to be blamed for the experienced delay. A Canadian nation Spokesman, Mark Hallman said that there is nothing delaying the onion shipment interchange on the Canadian National side. The Union Pacific Spokesman, Mark Davis said that the company has attempted to address the situation and hope to deliver cars to Canadian National. It is essential to have regular shipments, particularly of perishable food products for maximization of production.