800px-Pepsico_logoPepsiCo Inc., a beverage and snack maker plans to set up a plant for manufacturing its beverages in India in Andhra Pradesh. The company announced recently that the plant will be a core investment. The total amount to be invested will be deployed in India over a period of six years. The plant in question will be set up in the city of Sri, which is a popular economic zone in the district of Chittoor. The city is specifically located in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh border. According to PepsiCo, the plant will provide both indirect and direct employment to approximately eight thousand people.

The Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of PepsiCo India Holdings, Shiv Shivakumar, said that the plant at Sri City will boost the company’s production capacity in addition to supporting the rising demand for PepsiCo’s beverage products in peninsular India and Andhra Pradesh. One of the highest priority markets for PepsiCo is India, and tremendous opportunities for expanding the beverage and food business in the country in the future have been discovered. A key part of PepsiCo’s growth plans for the Indian market is the state of the art beverage facility. The company is therefore delighted to locate such a facility in Sri City and Andhra Pradesh. The completion of the PepsiCo plant in question will take place following three major phases. It is hoped that the first phase will come to completion in the third or fourth quarter of the financial year 2015. This first phase will have the ability to handle at least 1.2 million liters in a day. Phase three is expected to start in the year 2017.