Oregon-based YoCream International, Inc. has recently issued a recall on its ‘Non-fat Cheesecake Frozen Yogurt Mix’ for having undeclared eggs as part of its ingredients. The recall was announced with the knowledge of the Food and Drug Administration and as an act of caution on the company’s part.

It was found that there was a mislabeling on one SKU of YoCream’s product line, which resulted in the problem of an undeclared allergen. The recalled product has the item number 92417 and have the UPC code 81995 92147. The following lot codes are affected by the recall: 2990, 3470, 0391, 0591, 0871, 1131, 1231, 1541, 1811, 2061, 3200, 3520, 0461, 0731, 0961, 1171, 1291, 1661, 1921, and 2131. The affected yogurt mix is packed in half-gallon containers or cartons, with any of the indicated lot codes.

The company has already made corrective measures on the problem as of August 20. All cartons of the ‘Non-fat NY Cheesecake Frozen Yogurt Mix’ now have a white label that indicates that the product contains egg and milk.

The recalled products were distributed all throughout the country, including one export customer. The products are sold mainly in frozen yogurt stores and other shops that sell frozen yogurt. It is not for sale as a consumer retail product.

The company emphasizes that the recalled products are potentially harmful only to those who have allergies to milk or egg or both. Otherwise, the product is safe for consumption.

Customers who may have concerns regarding the recall can contact YoCream at 1-800-962-7326. They may also send an email to customeralert.august2011@yocream.com.