British ice cream maker R&R Ice Cream has recently launched the new Fab Potz. This new product is a colorful and flavourful ice cream contained in mini tubs and sold under the Nestlé brand.

R&R Ice Cream, being given the license to produce a number of Nestlé’s ices, has come up with this new addition to the brand’s extensive product line. Fab Potz is available in servings of 220 ml, and is considered a premium treat in the frozen products section. This newly launched ice cream consists of a blend of vanilla-flavoured ice cream and strawberry-flavoured ice cream added with candy pieces, Fab sprinkles and topped with strawberry sauce.

This new variety of ice cream is considered unique among its category, as well as affordable and fun. The pick-and-mix concept of the product makes it appealing and fun for consumers. Fab Potz is a great snack for sharing with family and friends.

Aside from the ice cream itself, its packaging has also been designed to promote fun and uniqueness. Not only does the ice cream’s container have a new shape, it also has a brightly coloured cover that makes it stand out on the display shelves.

Fab Potz had its first introductory launch at Tesco, where the products started being promoted on 25th of July. Other retailers will also be launching the product, but their promotions will be starting in winter. Fab Potz will be joining other new treats that will hit the market for this year. The new snack treats include new products from Rolo, Toffee Crisp and Aero.