fultons-foodsFulton Foods also trades as Jack Fultons and was founded in the year 1960 by Jack Fulton. In 1997, Jack sold the company to Kevin Gunter. Currently, Kevin Gunter is the sole owner of the company, with Karen Rees as the financial director and the managing director. Fulton Foods has more than one hundred stores, with its heartland being in Yorkshire, England. The company stores are situated in different cities including Teeside, Lancashire and Nottingham. The approximate area covered by the stores is between two thousand to six thousand feet.

In the year 2005, Fultons Foods moved to Barnsley, which houses the warehouse and serves as the distribution center. The head office facility is also in Barnsley. The shift to Barnsley has given the company an opportunity to expand its product range and growing store base. In the year 2012, the warehouse facility of the company was doubled, consequently increasing the company’s growth potential. It is also essential to acknowledge the fact that the company operates its own modern trucks. Additionally, deliveries are made to the stores on a daily basis to allow the company to get its customers the best deals in a prompt and efficient manner. It is clearly evident that Fultons Foods is gradually and constantly expanding. For this reason, the company is always in search of new staff. Its warehouse facility is situated at Darton, Barnsley. Some of its employees include heavy goods qualified employees Class 1 and 2 as well as warehouse operatives. The functions of the head office are also based in Barnsley. The company has plans of further growth and its turnover currently stands at 70 million pounds.