Garelick Farms, Incorporated is a U.S.-based dairy product company that is a subsidiary of Dean Foods. It is headquartered in Massachusetts, USA.

Garelick Farms was founded in 1931 by brothers Max and Israel Garelick. The brothers had to borrow $10,000 in order to buy a farm in the area of Franklin, Massachusetts. As soon as they were able to, they both started to buy and sell cattle and then afterwards, proceeded to selling milk from their cows.

In the early part of the 1940s, the brothers were into homogenization, pasteurization and delivery of their milk products. They distributed bottled milk products to a number of homes in the southeastern part of Rhode Island and Massachusetts. By 1947, the brothers parted ways as business partners. and Israel incorporated the business with his son and son-in-law.

In the next 10 years, the brothers’ farms were delivering their milk products to around 15,000 homes. By the 1960s, Garelick Farms started to expand their distribution operations when they started delivering in supermarkets.

When the company was headed by Israel’s daughter Elinor, Garelick Farms started to produce a number of store brands to add to its product line. In the mid 1980s, Elinor’s sons, Alan and Peter, went into expansion of their operations when they entered into producing plastic containers. They also expanded the company’s product line by acquiring Miscoe Springs, a company that was engaged in the spring water industry.

In 1997, Garelick Farms was acquired by Suiza, the same company that acquired Dean Foods in 2001. Since January of 2006, Garelick Farms has been operating four production plants and has over 1,600 people as its employees. The company’s facilities are located in Massachusetts (Lynn and Franklin), Maine (Bangor) and New York (Rensselaer). Included in the company’s wide variety of dairy products is New England’s popular chocolate milk, low-fat milk varieties under the TruMoo® brand, orange juice (concentrated variety and calcium-fortified variety). The company also produces butter, buttermilk, cream and iced tea, all under the Garelick label. Aside from expanding its operations and product lines, Garelick Farms is also involved in giving back to the community by actively supporting a number of community programs.

• Headquarters: Franklin, Massachusetts
• Ownership Type: a subsidiary of Dean Foods
• No. of Employees: 2500
• Geography: USA
• Demography: dairy product consumers, New England foodservice operators, retail food stores

Garelick Farms®, TruMoo®, Over the Moon®

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