GilletteThis is a brand associated with safety razors for men and shaving their facial hair, in addition to other Proctor and Gamble-owned personal care products. P&G merged with Gillette Company on 1st October, 2005. Since then, the Gillette Company has been non-existent. The company assets of Gillette were incorporated into “Global Gillette,” a P&G unit. Two years later, the dissolving of Global Gillette led to the establishment of two major P&G divisions, P&G Household Care and P&G Beauty.

The history of Gillette dates back to 1908, when the trade name, Gillette Safety Razor was given to King Gillette who specialized in soap, razor blades, and shaving brushes. Some of the oldest products were the double-edged safety razors. There was a limited range of models maintained by Gillette for these razor types. Other older models worth mentioning include the Aristocrat, Twist to Open, and Super Speed. An adjustable razor was introduced in 1958, and this model allowed for blade adjustment to increase the shave’s closeness.

Since its inception, Gillette products have clearly expanded and grown to include a wide range of new products. Techmac is a razor that was developed in the 1960s featuring a disposable cartridge. The world’s first two-blade razor was Trac II, which debuted in 1971. A nearly identical model, Trac II Plus had the addition of lubricating strip. GII and GII Plus are the European versions of the Trac II and Trac II Plus models. The Gillette Sensor model was introduced in 1990, and became one of the first razors with blades that were spring-loaded. The latest introduction to the Gillette brand is the Gillette Fusion, which debuted in 2006. The front of this razor model has five blades while the rear contains a sixth blade.

Gillette Product Line

Gillette Razors – 18 separate lines

Gillette replacement blades – 8 styles

Gillette Shave Gels – 14 styles

Gillette Shave Foam – 4 styles

Gillette Antiperspirant and Deodorants – 11 styles

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