Oil_Of_Olay_Beauty_Fluid_ReviewOlay is one of the multi-billion dollar Proctor and Gamble brands based in America and specializes in skin care. In 2009, 2.8 billion dollars of P&G’s 79 billion dollar revenue was accounted for by Olay. This is a clear indication that it is among the leading P&G brands.

The history of Olay dates back to 1949 when it was first discovered as Oil of Olay from South Africa. The founder was a Durban-born ex-Unilever chemist, Graham Wulff (1916-2008). Lanolin was a key ingredient, and hence, the name Oil of Lay. In early days, it was an exception owed to the fact that it comprised of a pink liquid instead of a cream. Wulff and Jack Wolf, the marketing partner, had tested the product’s efficacy on their friends and wives. The tests revealed that the product was not only unique, but its quality was also high.

The product’s popularity grew and within a few years it gained international recognition. The product’s name was modified in each country for consumers to find it realistic and pleasing. As a result Oil of Ulay was introduced in Ireland and UK, Oil of Olaz in Italy, France, Germany and Netherlands, and Oil of Ulan in Australia. A test market was opened in the USA in 1970 prior to its expansion to Northern Germany.

Today, Olay is linked to a wide range of products categorized as “boutiques.” Some of the product lines include Regenerist, Professional, Total Effects, Olay Vitamins, White Radiance, and Quench body lotion and body wash. In several countries including China, UK and USA, Olay is the market leader in face care. Olay was launched in India in 2007. The slogan that is currently used by Olay is “Challenge what’s possible.”

Oil of Olay Product Line

Regenerist – 28 products – regenerates the surface of the skin and superior anti-aging

Total Effects – 25 products – 7-in-1 anti-aging

Fresh Effects – 12 products – deep cleaning and hydrating for fresher looking skin

Pro-X – 11 products –anti-aging skin care, professionally designed

Complete – 7 products –moisturizers

Olay Facial Cleansing – 13 products

Age Defying Series – 21 products – repair early signs of aging

Olay Classics – 4 products – trusted and timeless skin care

Facial Hair Removal – 2 products

Body Cleansing – 35 products

Body Lotion – 9 products

Sunscreen – 3 products


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