Goetze’s Candy ManufacturersGoetze’s Candy is a family owned confectionary company based in Baltimore, Maryland. It manufactures and supplies caramel candies in a variety of flavors to parts of the USA, and other countries including Australia, Europe, Japan and Asia.

Goetze’s Candy was first opened in Baltimore after August Goetze purchased The Baltimore Chewing Gum Company. In the 1895 August, L. Goetze and William .L. Goetze, his son founded the company. In 1909, William .L. Goetze’s son, R. Melvin Goetze, Sr. became a partner of the company. In 1917, when World War I started, Melvin Goetze developed a recipe for Caramel Creams. By 1918, the company started manufacturing Caramel Creams®. The products of The Baltimore Chewing Gum Company became very popular, and it began making huge profit. It relocated to its current location, which has 24,000 sq. ft. of area for manufacturing candies and confectionaries.

In 1935, R. Melvin Goetze, Jr., son of R. Melvin Goetze, Sr. became a partner of the company. During his time, Goetze, Jr. initiated automation of the manufacturing plant. In the 1940s, the company concentrated more on the production of Caramel Creams due to its huge popularity. World War II started in 1941, and it had a huge impact on the company’s production. During this time, it experienced substantial losses. In 1951, the company decided to automate its entire business. For the first time in the history of Baltimore a tanker truck delivered corn syrup on Oct. 5, 1951. This was the first time that corn syrup had been delivered this way.

In 1958, the name of the company was changed to Goetze’s Candy Company. Caramel Creams with licorice flavor were introduced in 1968. In 1971, chocolate Caramel Creams were introduced, and Strawberry flavor was introduced in 1980. In 1984, Cow Tales were introduced in the market. In 1995, the company celebrated its 100th anniversary. In the year 2000, Strawberricream was introduced and Gourmet Caramels were introduced in 2004. Goetze’s Candy celebrated its 110th anniversary in 2005. In 2006, many other products were introduced. The Average Kid campaign was started in 2007. This program strives to provide information and teach kids about leading a balanced life and eating balanced meals, exercise and education.

Company headquarters: 3900 East Monument Street, Baltimore, MD, USA
Ownership: Private
Annual revenue: $5.8 million
Number of employees: 85
Geography: USA, Europe, Australia, Asia, Japan
Demography: Young, Natural and Organic

Caramel Creams
Cow Tales
Gourmet Caramel Creams

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