WrigleyWrigley is the number one manufacturer and distributor of chewing gums in the world. The company is based in Chicago, Illinois.

The history of Wrigley begins in 1891, when William Wrigley, Jr., the founder of Wrigley, started a soap business in Chicago. He gave his customers baking powder for free with soap, which became very popular. So, he discontinued the soap business, and started selling baking powder. Then, he gave free chewing gum with baking powder, which later made him a chewing gum manufacturer. In 1893, he introduced Spearmint and Juicy Fruit gums. The gum became very successful, and he expanded his business to Canada, Australia, UK, and New Zealand.

In 1914, the company introduced Doublemint gum. Wrigley, Jr. decided to build a magnificent building for the company. The construction of the building was started in 1920. He also developed North Michigan Avenue, which is now known as ‘Magnificent Mile.’ In 1939, the first advertisement with the concept of Doublemint twins was featured on television. Within a few years, Philip Wrigley became the President of the company. It also supported the U.S. military during World War II. In 1961, William Wrigley, son of Philip Wrigley became the President. Over the many years, the company was expanded to nine other countries.

In 1975, the company introduced Freedent. Big Red was introduced in 1976, and Extra Sugar Free Gum in 1984. Winterfresh was introduced in 1994, and Eclipse was introduced in 1999. The next few years saw the introduction of more products in the market including Airwaves and Orbit. In 2004, the company bought a number of brands from a confectionery manufacturer in Spain. They included Boomer, Pim Pom, Solano and Trex. More products were added in June 2005 and this included Altoids, Sugus and Crème Savers. In 2005, Wrigley bought Life Savers from Kraft. In 2006, Wrigley opened a science institute to do research on the positive effects of chewing gum. It got LEED certification in 2009 indicating that Wrigley provides a profitable, healthy, environmentally responsible place to be employed.

Company headquarters: 410 North Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL, USA
Ownership: Private Subsidiary (owned by Mars, Incorporated)
Annual revenue: $5.389 billion
Number of employees: 16,400
Geography: More than 180 countries.
Demography: Natural and Organic

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