There are a number of ways in order to save money while grocery shopping. These tips, coupled with couponing, can help you save a significant amount of your grocery money: money that you can spend on other things that also important.

Most grocery stores have insider secrets that will really help you find great deals while grocery shopping. Thus, it would be helpful to befriend and create good relations with your local grocery store’s manager. Here are a few tips given by some grocery managers to help save money when shopping at the respective groceries that they run.

Know your favorite grocery store’s coupon policy by heart. Check your store’s website and print out the store’s coupon policy so that you will always have a reference regarding when and how to use your coupons. For instance, stores like Kroger and Safeway double, sometimes even triple face values of coupons in certain states. The stores usually do this on specific days and to a certain limit. For example, on a triple coupon day, a coupon that offers $1 off will now become $3 off. That one coupon alone will save you $3 and that is a great deal on grocery items.

Another tip is to make use of the loyalty program of your store. Loyalty programs are a way for stores to attract and keep their customers. However, not all stores offer loyalty programs so make sure to ask if your local store has one. There are different types of loyalty programs. For instance, at Costco, executive members earn a 2% cash-back reward for every purchase at their store. This could be equivalent to about $500 every year. When you think about it, $500 dollar savings a year can help the family a lot.