Incorporated is a company engaged in electronic commerce. The company is currently headquartered at Mountainview, California.

History Inc. was founded in 1998. Its main office is located at Mountainview, California. The company’s flagship website is, where shoppers are offered a hundred ways to save money, which include local coupons, printable coupons and Save-to-Card offers.

The company not only offers its services to consumers via their website ( and mobile applications (Grocery iQ®), they also offer services to brand marketers and publishers. For brand marketers, the company delivers digital coupons to millions of consumers through the website. They also command digital coupon programs in 1-to-1 online marketing projects. These projects include social media and email programs, as well as display advertising. For publishers, the company provides solutions in monetizing website traffic. Such solutions include custom-branded microsites. The company also offers the Brandcaster™ program, which is a platform for self-service coupon syndication. Inc.’s licensees and clients include leading restaurants, toy companies, consumer products, entertainment companies and top retailers.

How the Works offers consumers with both printable coupons (taken from the website) and coupons sent by mail. Once a shopper registers online, they will be included in the company’s mailing list and will start to receive coupons sent through mail.

Also, once registration has been completed, a coupon printer application needs to be installed before any coupons can be printed. The application helps the company to manage and send out coupon information to the user. Once the coupon printer has been successfully downloaded and installed, the shopper can then print their chosen coupons.

Each printable coupon is unique in that is has identification that is encrypted in a barcode. This feature allows each of the coupons to be tracked from printing until redemption. The encryption also helps detect altered or counterfeit coupons.

Both printable and mailed coupons are free to the company’s members. Also, personalized coupons can be sent by mail, those that are demanded by shoppers on the website. These coupons can be used in any participating store nationwide.

Headquarters: Mountainview, California
Ownership Type: Private
No. of Employees: Not available
Geography: USA
Demography: All types of shoppers

Examples of brands that have partnered with include Huggies, Renu®, Efferdent®, Pampers, Purina®, Aleve, Bagel-fuls® , Yoplait and Old El Paso. offers about 113 different kinds of products and services on the website.

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