Sunflower Farmers MarketGrocery stores in Las Vegas are toughing it out despite the sagging economy that the country has been going through the past several months. A lot of them have come up with alternative strategies to keep attracting customers to their stores. These strategies include remodeling the stores and coming up with special sales and discounts on goods they sell.

One of the groceries operating in Las Vegas is Sunflower Farmers Market, which has two stores in the Las Vegas Valley area. These stores focus on selling organic food at very affordable prices. Steve Black, the store’s vice president for IT and marketing, said that it has always been a challenge to provide customers with organic foods that are low priced. However, their business is still doing well as its sales went up from 5% to 10%, as compared to last year.

Smith’s, which has 32 stores in the Southern Nevada area, has also been dealing with the challenge of the sagging economy, as well as the many competitors that it has in the area. The grocery chain however, has continued to compete strongly. One of its advantages is that it has strong purchasing power, as well as programs aimed to keep its customers keep coming back to their stores.

Other grocery chains in Nevada which are holding up well despite the economic crisis include Fresh and Easy, Albertsons and Vons. Although Fresh and Easy had to close 6 facilities from the 27 that it once had operating, the management has said that those are only temporary closures and as soon as the economy bounces back, the company plans to reopen the locations.