Groupon Incorporated has just filed its registration with the United States SEC (Securities & Exchange Commission) under the GRPN symbol.

The online company has offered $750 million for its first public offering. According to previous analysis, Groupon started in November of 2008 and currently has 80 million in email subscribers. According to the company, it has increased its profit from $3.3million during the 2nd quarter of 2009 to $644.7 million in the first quarter of 2011. From five markets in North America in 2009, Groupon now has 175 markets in North America as of March of 2011.

Groupon has increased its subscribers from 152,203 (June 2009) to 83.1 million (March 2011). As for their number of merchants, Groupon had 212 merchants featured on the website near the beginning. By the end of this year’s first quarter, Groupon already has 56,781 merchants in total. In 2009, Groupon was able to sell 116,231 groupons. At the end of this year’s first quarter, there are 28.1 million groupons already sold. As for the number of employees, its number grew from 37 in June of 2009 to as many as 7,107 employees by March 31, 2011. These statistics should be enough proof that Groupon has indeed grown and that it has grown strongly. Potential investors should be able to decide based on the statistics whether they want to invest in the online company.

Groupon Founder and CEO have stated that they are looking forward to being a public company. In the meantime, the company will still continue to operate and focus on achieving their long-time goals.