Kettle Foods Inc. has just recently introduced two new flavors to its popular Tias!® chips.

The two new flavors are Sweet Baja Barbecue and Chili con Queso. The new sweet barbecue flavor brings with it a smoked taste, sweetened with just a hint of honey. This new flavor offers snack lovers the experience of enjoying a backyard fiesta, one that is smoky, tangy and salty. Chili con Queso on the other hand, brings a cheesy mix of garlic, green and red bell peppers and onion. These new flavors will offer the ultimate Mexican food for comfort packed in a bag.

Like all other Tias! Flavors, these two new additions are made only with one hundred percent natural ingredients. This means that the tortilla chips do not contain any trans fats, artificial flavors, artificial preservatives or artificial coloring. What the company uses for its chips are non-genetically modified, all organic corn.

According to SPINS12 study, which ended on the 13th of February, Kettle Brand’s Tias!® flavored chips have shown a growth of 53% in terms of sales, as compared to the brand’s unflavored tortilla chips a year ago. The company’s flavored chip variety is definitely a hit among snack lovers.

According to Kettle Brand’s Marketing Director, Julie Dunmire, the company has produced these delicious flavors by mincing garlic, chopping chilies, grating cheese and blending fresh herbs, spices and sour cream. This combination results in a bolder taste that shows in every bite of Tias! tortilla chips.

These two new flavors of Kettle Brand Tias!® are already available in grocery stores and supermarkets for a price of $3.69 per 8-oz. bag.