heron logoHeron Foods is a retail chain that is located in Melton, UK, and has been operational for almost thirty-five years. The company was formerly called Grindells Butchers Ltd. and Heron Frozen Foods Ltd.


In 1978, the company was registered for the very first time under the brand name “Grindells Butchers.” The Heuck Family opened the first store in 1979 on Holderness Road, Hull. The company name was changed in 1981 to Heron Frozen Foods. Another significant step in the history of Heron Foods was the purchase of 17convenience stores of Dawn Til Dusk in the year 1999. After buying the stores, the chain attained a receivership state and added its number of stores to more than one hundred.

From the inception of the company, Sheila and Malcolm Heuck had a joint controlling interest. However, in early 2003, they sold their stake to management having reached the retirement age. Currently, the company is run and operated by the couples’ sons, David, Michael, and Andrew in collaboration with David Wallgate. One of the key achievements of the company is that it appeared in Grocer Magazine as one of the top 50 independent grocers in 2010. It was ranked in the 13th position. In late 2012, Heron Foods decided to purchase Iceland’s Cooltrader frozen foods business. According to the deal, there were fifty-four out of fifty-eight shops purchased. Heron Foods name and branding will be applied to Cooltrader outlets.


Headquarters: Melton, United Kingdom

Ownership: Private Limited with share capital

Number of Stores: 235 outlets

Geography: North England, Midlands

Number of employees: 2,438 (2012)

Annual Revenue: 194.7 M dollars

Demography: Value shoppers, food retail shoppers


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