Minnesota-based food giant Hormel Foods Corporation has launched a new kind of product to the market. This new product called “Spammy” is a turkey spread fortified with micronutrients for healthy snacking.

Spammy was created with the goal of addressing childhood malnutrition that has been happening in different parts of the world. This shelf-stable turkey product has been fortified with iron, vitamin B, zinc and several other minerals and vitamins in order to fight the malnutrition that is experienced by millions of children all over the world.

According to Hormel Foods CEO Jeffrey Ettinger, Hormel Foods looked for a way to make a product that is high in protein in order to help serve poverty-stricken and malnourished communities. Being a company that has years of experience in creating shelf-stable proteins, they were able to come up with this new nutrient-filled turkey spread.

As part of Hormel Foods’ commitment to fighting malnutrition, the company pledged to deliver a million cans of shelf-stable Spammy to families in Guatemala, especially to those who are in great need. The cans of Spammy were delivered by Food For the Poor, an organization which is Hormel Foods’ partner in delivering relief and development to communities that are in need. The company and the organization chose Guatemala primarily because of its poverty rate, which is more than half its population. The rate of chronic malnutrition in the country is also one of the highest in the area of the Western hemisphere. In addition to this, Hormel Foods has also donated a hundred thousand cans of the turkey spread to earthquake victims in Haiti.