Maple Lodge Farms is a family-owned Canadian company engaged in poultry processing. The company is headquartered in Brampton, Ontario.

Maple Lodge Farms was established in 1955. Prior to the company’s inception, the May family (the founders of Maple Lodge Farms) was already engaged in farming and raising livestock on their property.  The family had been farmers for generations, focusing only on raising livestock to the point where growth was inevitable.

During the Great Depression, the family were among the millions who hit hard times. In order to make some extra money, Lawrence May sold boxes of eggs in the neighborhood.  He delivered these eggs door-to-door and earned that much needed extra money. Because of the success of their egg business, the family decided to turn their sideline into a main business. Soon, the family decided to include growing broiler chickens to their operations. They soon bought a cooler for their truck and started offering home-grown, fresh-dressed chicken to their customers. This led to the establishment of Maple Lodge Farms in 1955, which by that point was fully engaged in growing, harvesting and processing broiler chickens for retail.

Today, Maple Lodge Farms continues to supply customers with excellent quality chicken product not just within Canada, but throughout different parts of the world.

Even after more than fifty years, Maple Lodge Farms remains a family-owned business, with brothers Bob and Jack May serving as co-chairmen for the company. Currently, the company employs about 2,200 people who work in the primary and further processing facilities. The company has primary processing facilities in the area of St. Francois in New Brunswick and has a Golden Cut facility in Etobicoke, Ontario. The company’s main facility in Ontario includes feed mills, hatcheries and a laboratory. The laboratory was specifically created in order to ensure product safety all throughout product processing.

Maple Lodge Farms use only the latest in technology for its processes and products. The company makes sure that strict standards are implemented in order to not compromise the health of its customers. Currently, Maple Lodge Farms is one of Canada’s largest independently owned poultry processing companies.

Headquarters: Brampton, Ontario
Ownership Type: Private
Employees: About 2,200
Geography:Canada, worldwide
Demography: Foodservice operators, retail products consumers

Maple Lodge Farms

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