hotpocketsThese are a Nestle brand of frozen sandwich-like bread pockets filled will various types of meats and cheeses. They are heated quickly in the microwave and make for a tasty snack or easy meal.

Hot Pockets were first brought into the market by two inventors: Paul Merage and David Merage in the early 1970s. Together, the two men formed a company that they named Chef America Inc. and the company was producing Hot Pockets until 2002 when Nestle acquired the company. The impact of this takeover was phenomenal with over $2 billion worth of Hot Pockets having been sold in a period falling between 2002 and 2012.

Just recently, Nestle recalled two of its Hot Pocket products that apparently had been released to the market with no full inspection by federal agents. The two products that were recalled are the “Croissant Crust Philly Steak and Cheese,” as well as “Philly Steak and Cheese.” A staggering 8.7 million pounds of these two products were termed to be affected and a recall of the product was made by Rancho Feeding Corp. There are claims that the processed meat was obtained from “diseased and unsound animals” with no inspection carried out or any approval from the Department of Agriculture. All persons that recently purchased either of the two products are advised to return them and that a full refund would be issued. There however, have been no reported illnesses relating to the two products.

Other Hot Pocket products popular in the market include pepperoni pizza, crispy buttery Ham and Cheese, Meatballs and Mozzarella. There are Lean Pockets as well, and these offer options to persons who prefer low fat and calories. Whichever product you go for, Hot or Lean Pocket sandwiches, deliciousness plus satisfaction are guaranteed!

Brand Products

These are just a few of the flavors that Hot and Lean Pocket offers

Hot Pocket Philly Steak and Cheese

Hot Pocket Ham and Cheese

Hot Pocket Meat Balls and Mozzarella

Lean Pockets Philly Steak and Cheese

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