lean cuinsineLean Cuisine is a brand name defining healthy frozen meals and tasty solutions to buy lives. This brand of frozen food products is manufactured by Nestle Food Products.

The brand dates back more than 20 years when healthier alternatives from the popular Stouffer’s frozen foods were deemed necessary. The name “Lean” defines content requirement for all products under the Lean Cuisine brand name. The standards are that the saturated fat be of less than 4.5g, total fat should equal or be less than 10g and cholesterol levels no higher than 95mg for every package

The strict content requirement for Lean Cuisine can be termed as one of its major success factors. The product became popular in the 1980s and 1990s establishing itself as a top brand in the US, Canada and Australia. With increased sales, Nestle decided to launch new entrees for the product and these were for low-carb dieting plans, and they were well received. This was after it was declared the Nestle product with most sales in the U.S.

There are different brands of Lean Cuisine on the market all that can be considered healthy options because of the “Lean” and low carb feature identified with Lean Cuisine. These include products such as the morning collection, which includes popular breakfast assortments in the U.S., such as oatmeal and sandwiches. Other categories of Lean Cuisine products include Additions that require the addition of lettuce to create a meal; Honestly Good, which comprises six varieties that are all-natural and have guaranteed wholesomeness; Culinary Collection, Market Collection and Simple Favorites, which are an anytime perfect to go option. With the Lean Cuisine range of frozen food, it’s all about getting that amazing feel and great look from eating right!


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