HouchensMany grocery retailers are owned by individuals or large industry companies. Some grocers, however, stick to their roots and are owned by the very employees that provide daily service to their customers. One of these retailers is Houchen’s Industries supermarkets and convenience stores.


In 1917 rural Kentucky, Eric Houchen opened a small grocery store, “BG Wholesale.”   His success allowed him to open more locations within a few years. Using innovative techniques in grocery management, Houchen was able to not only stay in business but also expand and grow during the Great Depression.

Using his know-how, Houchen started branching out during the 1940’s, purchasing business that were related to the grocery industry. Houchen’s now had grocery supermarkets, convenience stores and a non-profit organization that still contributes regularly to communities of the Houchen supermarket locations.

By 1983 Houchen sold the business. Within 5 years the employees of Houchen Industries pooled together and bought back the company. Houchen Industries acquired Food Giant supermarkets in 2004, Hillard Lyons in 2007, and Tampico Beverages in 2008. Houchens also owns Hitcents, 14 convenience stores, Buehler Foods, and White’s Fresh Foods.


Headquarters: Bowling Green, Kentucky
No. of Stores: 425
No. of Employees: 11, 487
Annual Revenue: $2.36 Billion (US)

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