couponsAlthough cutting one’s grocery bill does not really require a coupon-crazy mentality, it certainly helps to have one. Some, like Nebraska resident, Nicole Biondi, say that having that kind of mentality has been worth her time.

Biondi, who runs a blog called, does not take offense at being described as having an obsession for saving money. With her coupon-crazy mentality, Biondi has been able to save 70 percent of their weekly grocery bill. When asked about her saving secrets, Biondi said that she searches through a lot of Sunday papers, as well as websites, for coupons. She often visits sites like, and for all the coupons she can get. Once she has collected her coupons, she then organizes them. Organizing her coupons saves her time and allows her to use the coupons before they expire. What really helps her save a lot on her grocery bills is when she matches store sales with her coupons. Once she finds a store having a sale, she does her grocery shopping at that store and uses the appropriate coupons for items that are on sale.

Kristi Andersen, of NewsWatch7 said that Biondi’s tips inspired her to try matching coupons with store sales, just to see if she too, could save a lot by doing it. On a shopping trip that she recently had, Andersen said that she bought Ivory soap at Wal-Mart for $0.97 for a three pack. Andersen used her coupon, which was a dollar off on the soap. She basically ended up not paying for the soap at all and even came out three cents ahead. Andersen added that once, she was able to bring home three bags of grocery and paid less than $15 dollars for it.