With the technological advances that have come up, it seems people are more intent on having it around. They do not consider all the repercussions that the technology has on them. The refrigerator, for instance, is considered one of the best things ever invented. With it, one can keep food for days. However, this begs the question of how safe our frozen food is? Recently, an article came out about how 11,000 people were reported to have had food poisoning owing to frozen strawberries. The affected people, all students, are said to have reported chronic diarrhea and stomach pains.

Apparently, the students were widespread in about 500 schools. All ate strawberries shipped from a particular company. The schools were all located in Eastern Germany. Upon further investigation, the Robert Koch institute found that there were links to the occurrences of illness and frozen strawberries. They found that there might be a problem with the shipment of the foods. The berries were delivered by a private company that deals with the shipment of foods and beverages. The private company promised to compensate the 11,000 students that were affected by the shipment.

However, this still does not make it easier for people to have trust in the foods that they receive. While in the recent past, people believed that frozen foods were safe, it is becoming abundantly clear that they might not be as safe as initially thought. The procedure for handling and shipping of the food needs to be seriously reevaluated to ensure a situation like the one with the students does not happen again. Thankfully, the students were promptly treated and no further repercussions resulted from the unfortunate incident. Food poisoning needs to be reduced considerably for people to start talking about how safe their food is.