applesThere are many people who try to eat five portions of vegetables and fruits daily. However, a novel research study has suggested that it is essential for even those people managing to eat five portions to do more. The study in question was conducted by Spanish researchers and findings indicated that people who consumed seven portions daily lived for an average of one year longer compared to those who did not consume such portions. The research further found out that consumption of many vegetables and fruits were especially beneficial in preventing heart conditions.

The study found out that for every rise in consumption by 200 grams, there was a fall in the risk of mortality by 6%. Hence, researchers believed that approximately 3% of deaths could be avoided if all people consumed 6 to 7 portions of vegetables and fruits daily. Previous studies have also suggested that if all people consumed the recommended daily portions of vegetables and fruits, chronic diseases would decrease and early death risk would decrease by ten to twenty five percent. Currently, there is sufficient evidence to support the health benefits of eating vegetable and fruits, especially in terms of preventing cancer and several other chronic health conditions. For this reason, promotion of their consumption among the population is among the most effective preventive measures. The research study also found that people consuming high amounts of vegetables and fruits minimize their chances of developing heart disease by 15%. If everyone ate enough vegetables and fruits, more than four percent of deaths could be avoided or prevented. Raw vegetables were found to be especially excellent at minimizing the risk of mortality.