512px-FoodMeatPoultry and meat can be useful sources of not only protein, but also other essential nutrients. However, poultry and meat can also serve as sources of cholesterol and unhealthy fat. It is unfortunate that higher fat poultry and meat tend to have a better taste. Celebrity chefs are aware of this fact, and often choose fat-rich poultry and meat cuts in recipes. But, prior to following the footsteps of such chefs, there are a number of things to consider. Here are some tips that will help you get poultry and meat that is healthier and tastier.

The first tip to remember when selecting poultry and meat is to choose lean cuts. There are certain meat cuts that have a lower fat content, and such cuts are said to be lean. Lean beef cuts include chuck, round, tenderloin, and sirloin. Lean lamb or pork includes tenderloin, leg, and loin chops. White meat from the chicken breast without skin is the leanest poultry. Another tip is checking the percentages. When purchasing ground meat, it is advisable to choose the packages that have the highest lean meat percentage. Ninety percent or a higher percentage of lean meat is recommended.

Watching the ground is another tip worth mentioning. Ground poultry may have a fat content that is the same as or even more than that of ground beef. This is because ground poultry includes both the skin and dark meat. The leanest cut is breast meat. Finally, it is vital to be selective when choosing poultry and meat. The most appropriate choice should be meat products that contain the labels, “select” or “choice” rather than “prime.” For those who cannot resist the higher fat options, the meat and poultry should be consumed occasionally instead of regularly.