InglesIngles Markets is an American chain of supermarkets situated in North Carolina. The company had two hundred and one supermarkets as of January 2011. These supermarkets spanned the Southeastern part of United States. The company is controlled by a family despite being listed on NASDAQ. The Ingle family has about 86 percent voting power in addition to owning almost half of the company shares.


Ingles market was started in 1963 when its first location was opened by Robert “Bob” in Ashville, North Carolina. The company continued to expand and grow after its inception. In 1982, the company made a move of buying from Sealtest, a milk packaging and processing plant. Sealtest runs by the name Milkco Inc., a subsidiary that is wholly owned. More than sixty percent of Milkco’s businesses deal with products like tea, bottled water and citrus. In 1987, Ingles changed into a publicly traded company. The supermarket chain started establishing “Ingles Gas Express” gas stations in the 2000s in addition to putting up newer stores. Currently, Robert P. Ingle is the company’s CEO following the demise of Robert Ingle the elder in March 2011.


Ingles headquarters: Asheville, North Carolina

Ingles ownership: Family Company

Ingle’s Number of Stores: 203 stores across six states.

Ingles Geography: North Carolina: 69, Virginia: 2, Tennessee: 20, South Carolina: 36, Georgia: 74, Alabama: 1


Ingles is the owner and operator of Sav-Mor Foods

There are currently nine stores associated with Sav-Mor Foods. South Carolina: 1, North Carolina: 7, Tennessee: 1

Ingles market provides a wide range of food products such as meat, dairy and grocery products. It also offers beauty and health care products.

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