Brazilian Flavours, a company specializing in natural ingredients, has recently launched its newest batter mix to the UK market. This new mix is sold under the “Isabel’s Naturally Free From” product range.

Isabel Gordon, chef and owner of “Isabel’s Naturally Free From” products, developed the new batter mix. The product is made from a combination of root flours, all of which are native in Brazil. It does not contain any dairy or egg ingredients, making it a safe product for people with milk or egg allergies to consume. Added with beer or water, the product becomes a batter mix that is smooth, and is perfect for vegetables, poultry or fish.

The batter mix is celiac-friendly and convenient. Its resulting texture and taste even mimics that of original fish and chip shop-style batter. The batter can be made even more flavourful with the addition of spices and herbs such as paprika and oregano.

Like all other Isabel’s products, this batter mix is wheat-free and gluten-free. This satisfies consumers’ need for wheat and gluten free products. This new product from Isabel’s is now available in a variety of major retailers in the UK such as Waitrose and Asda. Isabel’s products are also available at a number of independent food retailers.

Other products from Isabel’s include the dough-ball mix and its pizza-base mix. Brazilian Flavours, the company that markets “Isabel’s Naturally Free From” products takes pride in being able to replicate the texture that gluten can give without subjecting its consumers to any dietary intolerances. The company is also proud to offer its consumers with products that are both versatile and flavourful.