Steenbergs Organic is a company that focuses on the production of organic spices and other cooking ingredients. Steenbergs Organic products all carry the Fairtrade mark.


Axel Steenberg and Sophie Steenberg of North Yorkshire established Steenbergs Organic in 2003. The founders had always envisioned building a company that would promote all things organic and one that would be committed to the people, the environment, and fair trade.

Ever since the company was founded, it has remained committed to work in a manner that is eco-friendly. The company’s facilities are incorporated with many environmental features and the company’s suppliers are also advocates of a green environment. The company is always looking for organic products that can be easily traced to its growers and farmers.

At Steenbergs Organic’s, respect for people is one of the core values that is put to heart. The company has a firm policy that provides producers a fair market value for their produce. The company also works closely with its suppliers to ensure that fair wages, acceptable levels of sanitation, education and power are given to all workers. All of Steenbergs Organic products have been produced according to the organic production laws of Europe.

Each year, Steenbergs allots a certain amount of time specifically to calculate the company’s carbon footprint. The company then compensates for the greenhouse gases that it emits, which make up its carbon footprint. To reduce its greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible, Steenbergs do not generate its own electricity or get it from carbon-generating sources. Also, as the company’s products are not cooked, no fossil fuel or gas is consumed in its processes.

Steenbergs Organic’s range is not limited to only food products. The company also manufactures non-food organic products for beauty and health, household cleaning, incense, candles, air fresheners and playing cards. As for its food products, the company produces Fairtrade tea, soft drinks, coffee, baking ingredients (for home use), spices, seasoning, curry mixes and herbs.

The company’s website offers customers the opportunity to shop for its products online. Steenbergs Organic then delivers the ordered products to its customers all over the UK, and even outside of the country.

Headquarters: North Yorkshire, England
Ownership Type: Private
Employees: information not available
Geography: Europe and UK
Demography: organic food consumers


Steenbergs Organic

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