James Graven is a family-operated independent retailer based in the UK. The company owns several supermarkets, as well as forecourt services in different parts of the country like in Norfolk, Littleport and Cambridgeshire.


James Graven’s story started in 1860, when James Graven started to specialize in the area of agricultural engineering. Graven started to export goods all around the world, often in India. Over the years, Graven and his sons were able to create steam engines, which were used primarily for agricultural operations.

Over the years, the family business began to expand and enter into a different area, which was in the retail of both food and non-food products. James Graven was able to enter into partnerships with store chain Budgens, as well as with BP, enabling them to offer high-quality products and create supply retail chains that are sophisticated, both in looks and in functionality. Through the years, the company has worked to ensure that the stores, products and services are tailored to suit the wants and needs of the communities in which the stores operate.

James Graven has always cared deeply about the source, value and quality of food that they offer to consumers. The company has always aimed to support local producers as much as possible. In this way, the company can help support local markets economically. James Graven believes that local communities need to have local shops and with that, hopes to provide a practical alternative to larger supermarkets. The company also believes that they are able to provide the best quality products to their customers because of their forward-thinking and innovative approach to the retail business.

James Graven has also received a number of awards, proof that the larger community has recognized its efforts when it comes to entrepreneurial skills, dedication and imagination. In 2003, the company was awarded the “Forecourt Trader of the Year.” A year after, James Graven became a finalist for “Independent Training Initiative of the Year.” In 2005, James Graven received the award “Wrigley’s Get Closer Challenge” in recognition of the company’s work with the communities that they are serving.

Today, in its partnership with Budgens, James Graven has stores in Soham and Dersingham. In its partnership with BP, James Graven has service stations in the area of Chatteris, Littleport and Ely.

Headquarters: Cambridgeshire,UK
Ownership Type: private, family-owned
Geography: UK
Demography: local community consumers, retail products consumers

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