British biscuit maker United Biscuits has launched a new kind of snack offering to the market. This new snack combines sweet biscuits, nuts and fruit all in one packaging.

Snacks that are packed in sharing bagged pouches are a growing trend in the UK market. In fact, these types of products showed an 11% growth in sales in the past months. Seeing this opportunity in the market, the company has created a new snack product that combines nuts, biscuits and fruits. The company hopes that the introduction of this product to the market will further the growth of sharing snacks and increase its demand.

This new snack has a net weight of 130 grams and a retail price of £2.40 per pouch. The new nutty nibbles, as they are called, are available in two varieties: Biscuit and Chocolate Nut, and Fruit and Chocolate Nut. The first variant is a combination of peanuts that have been honey-roasted, chocolate chunks and mini hobnobs biscuits from McVitie’s. The second variant is a combination of honey-roasted peanuts, cranberries, cherries and raisins covered in dark chocolate.

Ever since the products became available in a number of retail stores, they have received a quite a lot of positive feedback. In fact, at least 75% of those who participated in a taste test went to purchase the new nuts and nibbles snack.

According to the company, this new Nutty Nibbles from KP makes use of the special combination of delicious biscuits that have become family favourites and premium quality nuts, added with the juiciness that fruits give in order to create a special snack food that can be shared with friends and family.