According to Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer, nobody says no to dessert. That is why they use their delectable desserts to help along the mission of raising awareness and money for breast cancer research. Anyone can get involved by volunteering at events, donating money, running a bake sale, or simply stirring up something of your own. After all, there is nothing sweeter than knowing you did your part in supporting a good cause.

Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer is a non-profit organization that is committed to ending breast cancer. They are committed to the wellness of people throughout the Commonwealth of Boston. Their fundraising events have supported the creative expressions of some of the greatest culinary artists in the country and contributed to breast cancer awareness and research for the last 13 years.

Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer was originally the Eva Brownman Foundation for Breast Cancer Research. It began as a small, locally placed breast cancer fundraising event. It officially became Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer 13 years ago, and now it is the host to one of the sweetest weeks of the year in Boston.

Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer is partnered with Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. They have had enormous success in their fundraising efforts. In 2010, the total given to the Dana-Farber Institute reached $1.4 million dollars. All of the funds raised during the Boston Bakes event were given to the institute. These funds contributed to several clinical trials, visiting professorships, psychosocial research, and support programs for patients and family members.

Every year the mission is dedicated to someone who has been stricken with cancer. This year, in 2012, it is dedicated to the late Eleanor Howarth Wilcox. She is the grandmother of a Boston Bakes participant, Heidi Parent of La Petite France Café in Hyannis. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 65 and lost her battle with it ten years later.
This year, the event will occur May 7-13, 2012. They hope to see the same amount of energy as they did last year, with 270 restaurants, bakeries, and cafés in participation. Please visit the Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer website to learn how you or your business can join in and make it a super-sweet year for many people in the Boston area.


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