juicy-juiceJuicy Juice is the brand name of a line of juice products produced by Nestlé.

Juicy Juice was first introduced to the market in 1977 by Libby’s. Libby’s was the former Libby, McNeil, and Libby, which was taken over by Nestlé in 1975. Juicy Juice continued to be sold under the Libby name until March of 2006 when it began to carry the Nestlé name. Juicy Juice can still be found under the Libby name in the U.K.

Juicy Juice is a juice and juice concentrate popular with parents and children because it is 100% fruit juice with no artificial ingredients or added sugar. A 4.23 oz. serving of a half cup of Juicy Juice provides 60% of the amount of Vitamin C recommended for children and is guaranteed to equal half of a fruit serving.

Juicy Juice is available in a number of package sizes, from a 96 oz. plastic bottle to a frozen concentrate. What has possibly made Juicy Juice a household name, however, is the shelf stable boxes with a serving of juice inside. These boxes make it extremely easy to provide a good-for-you beverage in a lunch bag or for travel that doesn’t require refrigeration.

In 2012, Juicy Juice introduced Fruitfuls Juice Beverage geared toward children and making parents happy. Fruitfuls contains 35% less sugar than regular juice or juice beverages and is offered in flavors that kids like. It also provides half of a fruit serving, but can also be frozen, unlike regular Juicy Juice. This makes it nice because the beverage will still be cold by lunchtime.

Juicy Juice Products

Juicy Juice: available in

96 oz. bottle, one flavor

64 oz. bottle, 12 flavors

48 oz. bottle, 5 flavors

10 oz. single serve bottle, 2 flavors

frozen concentrate, 3 flavors

6.75 oz. box, 8 flavors

4.23 oz. box, 5 flavors

Juicy Juice Fruitfuls: 6.75 oz. juice box in four flavors

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