7309507124_f61ed22e51_zPurina Friskies is a cat food brand that is manufactured by Nestlé’s Purina PetCare Company.

Friskies cat food is common to many households in America as it provides not only nutritious and tasty meals for cats; it also offers a wide range of flavors that buyers can choose from. The popularity and renowned brand name traces its roots back to as far as the late 1950s when the first cat food was sold to the market. Friskies cat food back then was manufactured by Carnation Company, which continued to introduce other pet foods. Nestlé, late in the year 1985, acquired both Friskies brand and Carnation.

Friskies cat food has a wide range of products that can generally be classified as either dry or wet food. Some of the most popular dry food brands include Grillers Blend and Seafood Sensations, which is a mixture of seafood delicacies for your cat, and Rise & Shine, which is a good option for breakfast for your cat. Tasty Treasures, which your cat will definitely fall in love with, Senior Diet, Prime Fillets and Meaty Bits, are just some of the top selling Friskies wet food products in America.

Since its inception and introduction to the market, Purina Friskies has managed to keep pets happy, strong and healthy, in not only America, but Europe and other parts of the world as well. Numerous researches are continuously conducted in order to improve the products and keep pets around the globe happy. Need a healthy cat? A playful one with wonderful and shining eyes and always a playful mood? You can always trust Purina cat food products to deliver.

Purina Friskies Products

Purina Friskies dry food – 6 flavors

Purina Friskies wet food – 51 flavors

Purina Friskies Party Mix dry cat treats – 18 flavors

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