California-based food company Kashi, recently rolled out two of its new products in the market. These two new products are frozen waffles made from whole grains and come in two varieties.

Kashi’s two varieties of frozen waffles are Blueberry and 7-Grain waffles. Both varieties are fluffy and light on the inside, yet golden and crispy outside. These frozen waffles are an ideal addition to breakfast. What makes these waffles healthier is the fact that they do not contain artificial flavoring, artificial preservatives, colors or sweeteners.

Kashi® 7-Grain Waffles offer 7 grams of fiber per serving, filling a significant part of a person’s daily fiber needs. Every serving of this waffle also gives 590 milligrams of essential ALA omega-3 fatty acids and 24 grams of whole grains. Kashi® 7-Grain waffles are especially delicious when paired with honey, fresh fruit or almond butter.

Kashi® Blueberry Waffles is a combination of real blueberries and whole grains, creating the kind of waffle that has a tangy sweetness to it. These blueberry waffles are even more delicious when paired with yogurt, or sliced fresh bananas and topped with nuts. Every serving of this waffle variety provides 6 grams of fiber (also an excellent source of fiber, like the 7-Grain variety), 23 grams of whole grains and 560 milligrams of ALA omega-3 fatty acids.

Kashi’s lifestyle and natural food expert Keegan Sheridan shared how proud the company is of this new addition to Kashi’s product line. Not only will people get to enjoy warm and tasty waffles from Kashi, they will also be able to benefit from the positive nutrition it brings.