Starting the 29th of August, Nestlé will be rolling out the new Rolo Biscuit, the latest addition to its product line. This new biscuit from Nestlé is Rolo Caramel combined with chocolate and pieces of biscuit.

The combination of caramel, crunchy biscuits and chocolate makes this new snack food creamy, chocolaty and crunchy in the middle. Every biscuit is wrapped individually in order to make it more convenient to eat and thus appealing to consumers, especially those who are always on the go. Each serving of Rolo Biscuit has 95 calories.

The Rolo® brand has been experiencing a rise in the total sales of its products. The last that it has experienced was an increase of £18 million, or a 19% increase as compared to last year’s total sales. The launching of this new product will bring news that is even more positive for the brand. Because the Rolo brand is already popular among U.K.consumers, the company expects that this new product will be accepted warmly by consumers as well.

As for promotions for this new product, the company has invested £400 thousand on activities like product sampling and television commercials. The TV commercial will kick off on the 12th of September and will be shown 3 or 4 times to 74% of its target audience.

A pack containing six individually wrapped Rolo Biscuits will have a retail price of £1.55 once it is on the market.

Earlier this year, Nestlé’s Aero brand also launched a new biscuit, one that appealed to consumers because of the chocolate indulgence that it offered. Both Aero and Rolo biscuits are made at Nestlé’s Confectionery Factory at Halifax.