coupons1Coupons have gained popularity over the past couple of years. This is because one can sometimes save between 50 and 60 percent on a weekly basis by using coupons at supermarkets. Some of the key facts about coupons will be presented below.

Coupons Can Slash Up To Half of Monthly Grocery Bill

Knowing how to use coupons can help you save a huge amount of cash at supermarkets. Some people manage to cut the amount spent on groceries in half by simply planning, purchasing during sales and doing a match-up of coupons with sale items. At least half an hour should be spent preparing to shop on a weekly basis. This means that you should leaf through the store flyers, note the items that are on sale and review your coupons to match up to the discounted items.

Coupons are Beneficial to Shoppers Who Are Not Brand-Loyal

Recent reports have shown that seven out of ten people are not willing to give up their loyalty to local chains and stores. This is a bad move because items at different chains may show price variations. It is helpful to check out the circular for each store once a week. A similar case applies to product loyalty. People should try not to buy the same products, regardless of whether they are on sale or not on sale.

Coupons Can Help You Save On Unprocessed Food

A key fact is packaged foods are the most heavily couponed products in stores. Household products, pet food, cereal, paper goods and baking items are couponed heavily. However, this does not necessarily mean that you will not save on fresh meat and produce. Some companies that do not sell meat can still give away coupons for perishable goods.